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The impact of digitalization on reducing drilling costs, the eBooting vision

It is no longer news that most of the global exploration budget is invested in drilling projects. However, we know that most junior and large exploration companies do not have rigorous control over how the drilling budget is spent or why certain decisions are made on the ground. Managing the data correctly can help set a new trend in drilling performance for a project.

Currently, drilling data can be captured almost in real time using mobile devices, which provides fundamental information to make correct decisions, while developing the project and storing the company’s drilling history. This can be used in the future to improve drilling contracts, adjusting them to the needs of the project, and evaluating bids in a tangible manner. Where data can be stored in the Cloud, Machine Learning can be used to make progress towards predictive drilling.

Ensuring the quality of information capture is key to the success of a logging and reporting system for drilling. Therefore, eBooting proposes implementing such systems for the drilling process, to ensure that the work being done is correctly categorized, and to accurately quantify payment statements within the established deadlines.

Storing and controlling drilling data in this manner enables technical drilling teams to integrate geological information into the search for answers to questions such as: What is the geological variable that most impacts drilling performance? Perhaps evaluating crown performance, by model, brand or alteration unit, or even anticipating fault zones.

The flow of data throughout the organization is fundamental. Therefore, eBooting designs and manufactures dashboards and KPI's that generate results according to stakeholder’s requirements. eBooting is tackling this area’s challenges in the future by integrating performance sensors into its equipment over the short term, and it will be using IoT (Internet of Things) technology to capture and integrate information in a central database, which will support the decisions that the driller must make on the ground and eventually progress towards total digitization.

The mission of eBooting is to enhance the use of data in real time, to reduce costs and guide organizations into the digital era, as it is an expert in digitizing processes associated with the geosciences, and forms part of the Nova Partner network of acQuire, which provides support to drilling systems, data integration and automates digital processes.

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