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eBooting welcomed into acQuire’s global Nova Network.

Updated: May 10, 2019

eBooting's is pleased to announce its incorporation into acQuire’s global Nova Network. The Nova Network is a collaboration between acQuire and independent consultants to provide Geoscientific information management (GIM) services and solutions with acQuire products.

eBooting is a company with vast experience in the mining industry and a strong technical and commercial background, with the highest GIM Suite Learning accreditation with acQuire. The company’s main goal is to become a leader in the digitisation processes regarding initiatives linked to the small, medium and large mining industry, as well as making a contribution to the progress of projects in diverse stages of exploration.

eBooting is made up of a highly qualified team, trained to integrate, digitalize and innovate in different areas of this industry in order to improve production and efficiency.

eBooting cofounders Edgardo Cabello and Juan Vega believe the main incentive of this initiative is being able to deliver high quality data management services to global resources industries and to acquire new technologies to integrate them and make them available to clients for mining projects in the region at different levels of development, as well as different levels of exploration.

We want to be recognized as a company that delivers trust and high quality services," says Edgardo Cabello. "We see ourselves in the mining and energy environment, making progress in eBooting apps, which are tools that interoperate with GIM Suite and other systems related to geosciences, thus making a contribution to digitalization in the field of mining."

"We work to meet the needs of industry, certain that data is the main asset in every company for making solid decisions on time," says Juan Vega.

eBooting currently delivers consulting services and technology implementation as Nova Network Partners as well as data processing and compilation, diagnostic and auditing services, personalized training and GIS systems services.

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